Nicole McLaughlin

I had the pleasure of attending Ginette’s workshop on Stress Management. Ginette is knowledgeable on the topic and relayed personal stories which helped us understand how we could apply the information in our own personal and professional lives. She makes participants at ease, encourages participation during her workshop through discussion and activities. The workshop was eye-opening, making me realize changes that I can make to achieve better work/life balance.


V. Smith

Thank you. Well organized and informative.


Shelley Clayton

Fabulous workshop! Very information, helpful, and current for the business world.


Ernestine Long

Excellent facilitator on every level. Easy to understand and felt like I was involved from beginning to end.


Mathieu McCaie

Ginette was great. Very knowledgeable. Well worth it.


M. Mazzeroll

Supervisory tools were well presented, practical and I will be able to use them in my day-to-day work.