Respectful Workplace

This workshop examines how every member of the team can help ensure their workplace is healthy, safe and professional – a place where all present demonstrate and feel respect for each other.  

We will explore the foundations of a respectful workplace, highlight how they extend well beyond policies and procedures.  We will examine the characteristics of a respectful workplace and encourage participants to compare and contrast those characteristics to their own workplace.  We will discuss employment standards, human rights and other legislation that gives all Canadian employees the right to work in a healthy and safe environment free from harassment, discrimination, and other health risks.  Participants will learn that with these rights, come responsibilities for every person in the workplace.  They will understand their responsibilities, whether as a member of the team or a manager/supervisor.  Throughout the session, participants will discuss and practice processes and techniques designed to help everyone establish and maintain a respectful and healthy workplace for all.  


Participants will leave the workshop with:

  • Insight into how strong emotions can lead to a situation where others feel disrespected.  We will identify the importance of clarifying feelings to focus on factual information.  Participants will complete a series of private self-assessments to identify potential opportunities where they could improve or modify their behavior to ensure others feel respected.
  • Confidence that they can help sustain a respectful workplace using constructive and positive words and actions. They will participate in exercises demonstrating diffusion methods/techniques and will practice giving and receiving constructive feedback with others.  
  • Other tools to promote respectful behavior among their colleagues and clients. Materials provided will include customizable posters and messages that can be shared with others in their workplace.  
  • The “Five W Guide for Respectful Workplaces”.  This guide outlines what employees should do, when, where, how and with whom if they observe disrespectful behavior occurring in their workplace. It also explains the “why” from the perspective of employees and for managers/supervisors.  We will demonstrate legal obligations by leading participants through the steps of a simulated report and investigation.  
  • Context and knowledge to help them better understand and support the policies within their workplace that ensure a respectful workplace for all.  We will encourage participants to share their new insights and resources with others in their organization.