Managing Difficult Behaviours

This workshop is for anyone who manages or supervises others. It provides guidelines, resources, approaches and most of all, the opportunity to practice techniques that will help you effectively manage difficult behaviours among your direct reports.   

Through this workshop, participants will:

  • Learn how to distinguish between employee behaviours arising from difficult situations and situations that result from difficult employee behaviours. Recognize that managers are responsible for resolving both types of situations but with different approaches needed for each.  
  • Discuss resources managers can use to help employees facing difficult situations and complete a take-away Manager Support Guide.          
  • Examine the factors that contribute to difficult behaviours. Using the outcomes of that discussion, categorize/identify the main types of difficult behaviours.   
  • Identify recommended approaches for each of the main types of difficult behaviours. Understand why effective managers never rely on just one method, but instead continue to develop their toolkit through learning, development, and experience. Apply this information through exercises and by practicing techniques.      
  • Consider how managers’ individual traits, characteristics, and attitudes can impact their effectiveness. Each participant will consider his or her leadership style and analyze potential advantages, risks, and opportunities. Develop a plan to address potential gaps and to increase managerial effectiveness.