Making Sense of Employee Engagement

For nearly three decades, business experts have been pointing to the link between employee engagement and organizational success.  However, actually engaging any workforce has proved challenging at best.  

Offering a competitive compensation and benefits package will not lead to employee engagement.  Nor will commitments, promises of support, or even annual performance and recognition programs. While some employees see such offerings as “perks”, others consider them as mere table stakes. The lost opportunities and indirect costs resulting from a disengaged workforce can hurt any business or organization.  Sustainable success requires an engaged workforce.  

This one-day workshop will examine the business case behind employee engagement.  Participants will:

  • Learn how businesses around the world have increased employee engagement through an evidence-informed approach.
  • Understand how to diagnose engagement issues within their organization, realizing the importance of using that diagnosis to select potential solutions.
  • Understand why promises and programs are not “miracle drugs.” i.e. There is no one solution that will fix every situation at every business or organization.  
  • Be able to identify some of the short- and long-term risks facing businesses when they misapply or over-prescribe potential treatments.

What Pro-Results brings to this workshop

Pro-Results has been providing HR consulting and training in New Brunswick since 1986. Prior to joining the Pro-Results team, our six members worked and lived in communities throughout the province, as individual contributors and leaders in a variety of industries.

Through our education and experience, we assess the needs and challenges of each of our clients, with a goal of helping them move forward.  We have mediated dozens of interpersonal conflicts in New Brunswick workplaces and delivered hundreds of group workshops throughout the province.