Communicating Your Professionalism

This workshop examines how our words, actions, and personal presence creates perceptions and responses in others. With a goal of improving outcomes through effective relationships, it will:

  • Provide participants with insights, information and resources they can use to ensure they are positively impacting others at work; and
  • Help participants develop their abilities to influence, persuade and lead others.  

In this workshop, participants will:

  • Identify how our character, integrity, and reputation affects others’ perceptions and responses.  
  • Understand how emotional intelligence (EI) impacts relationships (and outcomes) at work and beyond. Privately assess their EI levels.  Following the Johari Window model, consider differences between what we think and what others actually perceive. Through case studies and group dialogue, determine how to prevent or manage those differences.
  • Examine the value of choosing emotion vs logic/reason to persuade and influence others and vice versa. With specific scenarios, propose which approach would be most effective.  Test those assumptions in session.      
  • Through individual assignments and group exercises, understand how impact/influence can be optimized when specific techniques are applied to:  
    • Emails/other written forms of communication;
    • Verbal communications; and
    • Nonverbal communication.  
  • Prepare a SMART plan outlining how they will apply this knowledge.

Participants take away a variety of quick one-page quick guides, including:

  • The Professional’s Guide to Email   
  • A Checklist for Effective Group Meetings
  • Telephone Talk
  • Professionalism and Social Media – Why it Matters
  • Persuasive Phrases to Remember

We will encourage participants to bring these resources to their workplaces, where they will remind everyone how to consistently communicate with professionalism to impact and influence others in a positive way.  

What Pro-Results brings to this workshop:

Pro-Results has been providing HR consulting and training in New Brunswick since 1986. Prior to joining the Pro-Results team, our six members worked and lived in communities throughout the province, as individual contributors and leaders in a variety of industries.

Through our education and experience, we assess the needs and challenges of each of our clients, with a goal of helping them move forward.  We have mediated dozens of interpersonal conflicts in New Brunswick workplaces and delivered hundreds of group workshops throughout the province.