A Managers Guide to Team Building

A Managers Guide to Team Building

This workshop is designed for managers and supervisors.  Beginning with a discussion of what others expect from a team leader, participants will differentiate between supervisory and leadership functions, considering how they currently allocate their time and resources.  Throughout the workshop participants will focus on their leadership roles by:

  • Identifying the characteristics of effective teams and effective leaders.
  • Learning how managers’/supervisors’ accountabilities and responsibilities change according to their team’s current stage of development and/or emerging needs of their team members.
  • Using tools to assess their teams. Each will prepare a SWOT analysis and corresponding leadership action plan.
  • Learning how to increase collaboration and decrease conflict among their team members through such activities as surveys, interactive group meetings, values-driven goal setting, ongoing dialogue and goal setting with individual team members and more.   

What Pro-Results brings to this workshop:

Pro-Results has been providing HR consulting and training in New Brunswick since 1986. Prior to joining the Pro-Results team, our six members worked and lived in communities throughout the province, as individual contributors and leaders in a variety of industries.

Through our education and experience, we assess the needs and challenges of each of our clients, with a goal of helping them move forward.  We have mediated dozens of interpersonal conflicts in New Brunswick workplaces and delivered hundreds of group workshops throughout the province.