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Pro-Results is a consulting group specialized in human resources management and training. We consult our clients to gain the tools they need for total success in their diverse business environments.

Pro Results is located in New Brunswick and our consulting services can be curated to the specific needs of our clients.

Our extensive client base that utilizing our consulting includes businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations.

Pro Results offers a relaxed interactive approach to the workshop and consulting experience.

Our goal is for participants to acquire and build on techniques, new tools and strategies to enhance their life professionally and personally. Our goal is to meet our client’s unique needs!

Helping our clients gain the tools they need for total success in their business environments

Sample Course Offerings

The ABC’s of Pro Results

Pro Results offers a relaxed interactive approach to the workshop experience. Our goal is for participants to acquire/build on techniques, new tools and strategies to enhance their life professionally and personally.
The ABC workshops cover subject areas typically in highest demand.

Pro Results can tailor, combine elements of existing workshops or offer specialized workshops.

Our goal is to meet our client’s unique needs!


This is a practical workshop for leaders with a methodology for successful team management. Effective communication, realistic expectations between employer and employee, motivational leadership and concrete methods of performance measurement are the key topics in this dynamic workshop.


This is a skill and knowledge enhancing workshop for leaders. This workshop targets the supervisory challenges in an evolving business world. Motivational topics include: effective coaching techniques, leadership roles and effective communication.


This is an empowering workshop for understanding, assessing and managing absenteeism. The price for absent employees is fiscally, productively, and morally high. This workshop provides the knowledge and skills for promoting a healthy environment and consistent quality customer service.

Leadership can be natural or a growth process. This workshop addresses leadership qualities and styles, effective methods for communication and appraisal of workplace challenges, including behaviour/conflict issues.

Communication skills are the key to success in life. This workshop addresses interpersonal skill development and the benefits to the workplace. It examines the communication issues, notably the ones that can have a negative impact on working relations. It provides positive alternatives and techniques on how to better communicate your needs and expectations.

A team is more than people working in the same place. This interactive workshop provides practical skills for team development, team spirit initiatives and effective leadership. These are tools for success, to enhance the team building experience in the workplace.

Despite the best intentions, employees may at times express their concerns in an overly aggressive or defensive manner. In this workshop, employees learn to better understand the nature and types of difficult behaviors. The session also suggests a range of practical options for dealing with such behaviour.

Managing stress is one of the greatest challenges, professionally and personally for many. This workshop provides an understanding of the nature of stress: its short and long term effects. Participants will leave with useful self analysis and skills to effectively connect with and manage stress. Useful tips are shared on how to “re-focus and de-stress” and how to make stress a motivator.

This workshop examines the internal and external influences of time loss and gain. It’s a workshop that proposes solutions to achieve a balance and maximize our personal and professional life.

Take the “stress” out of retirement. . .with long- term planning. This workshop is geared for participants planning an approaching retirement. It offers pertinent, up to date information on the diverse retirement benefits available, financial programs, pension plans in addition to touching upon wellness and lifestyle changes. It provides a wide range of suggestions to help the potential retiree strive for a realistic and attainable plan.

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